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Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

Jan 24, 2024

Welcome to the Marketing 101 Podcast for Small Business Owners, where you will find practical tips and guidance on developing marketing plans and content marketing strategies and tactics. Your host Philippa Channer, owner of Channer Consulting, is a content marketing strategist looking to help entrepreneurs like yourself to succeed.
In this podcast episode, the host, Philippa Channer of Channer Consulting, LLC, introduces Jessica Embree, a marketing expert from Tulip Media Group, who discusses the synergy of print and digital marketing. Embree debunks the myth that print is obsolete, highlighting its unique ability to cut through digital clutter and build lasting brand credibility. She shares insights on creating engaging print content like custom magazines and newsletters and the importance of tangible customer experiences. The episode covers strategic print marketing approaches, targeting, and the enduring relevance of print across various industries. Embree encourages businesses to embrace print to complement digital efforts for enhanced brand presence.
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